“Minions” – Review:


What is there not to like about these little guys? A spin off of the “Despicable Me” films is out this week, and there was no surprise when this was announced. The Despicable Me films were a big hit at the box office, and the critics liked them as well, the first was nominated for a Golden Globe, and the sequel was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. You’ve heard of that song Happy? By Pharrell Willams? Yeah, that was nominated for best song. How it didn’t win both those Oscars is still a mystery to me. They lost out on both to Frozen. The sequel grossed close to a billion dollars. It was one of Universal’s highest grossing films.

A film with just the Minions however is a bit of a head scratcher. Not on the merits of the success of the franchise, but because of the Minions themselves. They don’t speak English, and what can you really do with them?

Illumination found a way, and the story seems to make some sense based on the trailers. The Minions have been going from villain to villain, when they come across Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) at Villain Con. Alongside her inventor husband Herb Overkill (Jon Hamm) they plot to take over the world. Can the Minions carry a film without Gru, and the cutest little girl ever Anges?

They can totally carry a kids film like this. Unlike the first two, that had a little bit for adults and kids, this one is definitely more of a kids flick for sure. Which isn’t a knock on it, the kids in the theater I was in really ate this movie up, laughs throughout. On those merits alone, this is worth a watch. You will laugh and chuckle throughout this movie. You won’t have a gut busting laugh, but you’ll chuckle a few times.

Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm do solid voice work in this movie. You can’t tell that it’s Jon Hamm’s voice unless you’re really listening for it. Sandra Bullock’s voice is pretty recognizable, so you can tell that it’s her.

It was really neat to see all those minions together again, you really get the scope of how many there really are in this movie. The origin story is cute, and when they are going from villain to villain, whether it be from a T Rex, to Dracula or aiding an abdominal snowman. It was fun to see them with different villainous characters, and seeing them play off of Scarlet is a cool dynamic. There is a really sweet cameo at the end of the film that made everyone in my theater pretty much cheer.

The story is simple and easy for kids to understand, adults won’t hate themselves for seeing this movie, Inside Out was one for the entire family, this one is just for the kids. I wanted to laugh more however. I was in tears at times during the first two Despicable Me films, I wanted this one to have me in tears as well. I think this one missed Gru’s presence, I hate to say it but Gru is the glue that holds those movies together, along with the three little sisters. This is a fine kids movie on its own, but to get over the top, you need those love able characters. The Minions are lovable but there isn’t much to them. I still can’t wait for Despicable Me 3!


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