“Maggie”- Review:

A teenage girl is infected with a disease that turns you into a cannibalistic zombie. During this tragic time in her life, her loving father is at her side every step of the way. Maggie stars Abigal Breslen and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film is directed by Henry Hobson.

You never would’ve thought that a movie that has zombies in the synopsis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role has this much heart. That’s the glue that holds this one together, heart. It’s about the relationship between Maggie and her father and the period of time she goes from infected to a full blown zombie. I didn’t expect to like this movie as much as I did. I really enjoyed it.

Abigal and Arnie are great as our leads and do a great job of conveying that father daughter bond. The love of these two has to be believable or this film wouldn’t have worked. Thankfully it does. You really find yourself feeling sympathetic towards Maggie as the infection begins to expand within her. You really want her to overcome it and become better but as reality sets in you become more and more down and glum about the obvious.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as her father Wade is spectacular. It’s one of his best performances in years. You can really see the hurt in his eyes and the determination to stick this out with his daughter until he no longer can. This isn’t your typical over the top action packed thrill ride that we usually get with Arnold. This is a down to earth performance that required him to get the audience to relate, and sympathize with him and he does just that. I found myself rooting for our duo to beat the infection and find a way to keep his daughter alive.

Henry Hobson does a good job behind the camera. He gets solid performances from our leads and gives us some really dark visuals to keep us into the film. It’s shot beautifully. At an hour and a half it does drag a bit but this movie is a slow burn, some may find it boring but I think it’s worth a watch if playing near you.

6.5/10 stubs


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