“Mad Max: Fury Road”- Review:

What a lovely day! Mad max is back after a thirty year long hiatus to bring us on a journey that we are sure to not forget. George Miller is behind the camera to bring Max back to the screen. Tom Hardy stars as Max here , and Charliez Theron is Furiousa.

Wow! This was a non stop action thrill ride from start to finish. It’s a car chase for a full two hours and it never lets it’s foot off the gas. It was shot beautifully by director George Miller and if you didn’t know how old he was when you watched this film, you’d be surprised to know that George Miller is right around 70. I don’t have any idea how a man of that age made a film, not just as good as this but as thrilling , and as action packed from start to finish. This ones a game changer. I can say that without hesitation.

Tom Hardy gives a performance to remember as Max. He doesn’t talk much but he doesn’t have too. Max is s complex and complicated character and Tom Hardy conveys that well, all in his facial expressions and groans pretty much. Hopefully this is the film that makes Hardy a household name because he crushes it here.

There is some great social commentary here.
Throughout George Miller touches on gender equality and gender supremacy. “We are not things.” One of the Imortan Joes female slaves says. The female characters in this movie are just as much in a prominent role as the male ones. Furiousa is just as bad ass as max is and it shows here.

Charliez Theron is just as superb as Hardy is here! She is on screen for just as long and there could be an argument to be mad that this is as much a movie about Furiousa as it is Max. Furiousa is such a bad ass character. Charliez had some action roles under her belt prior, but she deserves to be called an action star after this one!

This film is shot beautifully. The visuals blew me away, and I can’t wait to see it again. No glaring negatives to report. Worth seeing multiple times!


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