“Love, The Coopers”- Review:

Another ensemble holiday movie? Color me unenthused. I do like most of the talent. Hollywood icons like John Goodman, Alan Arkin, and Diane Keaton join stars on the rise Oliva Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Ed Helms, and Anthony Mackie. I just haven’t dug these kind of movies in the past. Valentine’s Day, and New Years Eve all fall under this same umbrella, ensemble holiday films. Those two weren’t that great, the same formulaic plot, a bunch of short stories that all intertwine at the end of the movie. Let’s see if this one can be better than those.

This isn’t even better than those films. Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve had a couple funny spots, I didn’t laugh once during this movie. It just treads along going nowhere you didn’t expect.

This was a paycheck movie for everyone involved, you could tell that no one cared and that they knew it was going to be awful going into it.

There’s nothing really to say. This is a generic, bland Christmas comedy that didn’t make me laugh, or get me in the Christmas spirit.


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