“Krampus” Review:


This just screams cheesy. A Christmas horror movie starring Adam Scott and David Koechner, if that doesn’t scream B movie what does?

I got what I expected out of Krampus. Performances are all average at best, and the rest is just Christmas, campy, horror. I didn’t expect a riveting plot, it’s the same Christmas story as you’d expect, with that horror twist on it.

The horror is pretty good. Krampus is what you paid to see and you got him in a big way. He’s ruthless. Every second the creature was on screen it was a sight. Krampus summons the Christmas favorites like the gingerbread men, elves, and teddy bears to bring out their twisted side.

The practical effects are all really cool. Like a Gremlins look. That was by far the best part. The costumes, and the creatures were awesome.

All in all I had fun with Krampus. I wouldn’t go rush out to see it in the theater, but if you catch it at the redbox or on Netflix, you’ll have a good time.

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