“Jurassic World” – Review:

“You created a new dinosaur? Probably wasn’t a good idea.” Chris Pratt says this to Bryce Dallas Howard in one of the trailers for Jurassic World. This movie is where the park is finally open and has been for about ten years. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is trying to liven the park up and in an attempt to raise the attendance. Does an amusement park that has live dinosaurs need livening up? Owen (Chris Pratt) doesn’t think so. That question is what drives this movie which is directed by Jurassic Park super fan Colin Trevorrow. Why isn’t it enough to have live dinosaurs as the main attraction? What is wrong with the people who are now bored with what they’ve seen at the park?

Jurassic World is one of my most anticipated of this year. I love Chris Pratt and I believe he is on his way to Hollywood superstardom. He brings charisma and a certain likability and you can almost relate to him. When he was cast in this I was over the moon excited to say the least. I grew up on the Jurassic Park films and they have been a huge part of my childhood. In my opinion the original is one of the best films ever made, the animatronics were breathtaking and the visuals were captured beautifully by Steven Spielberg. I even enjoyed the two sequels for what they were, obviously The Lost World is head and shoulders above the third film but you can’t beat seeing these dinosaurs go at it. The wait is finally over, Jurassic World is finally here after the ten year long wait. Will it live up to the hype?

Yes. Indeed it does. This is the type of sequel that not only get the audience excited to see more, but will also have people who haven’t seen the originals go seek them out. This is just a really fun monster movie. The visual effects are absolutely stunning and the film as a whole is directed beautifully by Colin Trevorrow. You can really see how big of a fan he is of the series. There are nods to the original throughout. It’s a nice touch.

Chris Pratt is great in this. The relationship he has with the raptors is very believable, that could have been something about the movie that didn’t work, but it did and you really buy it. He brings that same charisma and likability to this role as he does his others. However here he tones down the humor a bit and plays this a bit serious, he still has his one liners of course but he’s not joking throughout.

Bryce Dallas Howard is also solid as Claire. She is the face that runs the place and is taken for a wild ride after this unexpected escape of the new genetically mutated T Rex is out on the lose. She really is good at conveying the vulnerability you need in a movie like this. Her and Pratt’s character are polar opposites so you buy the fact that she relies so heavily on him throughout. She does have a couple kick ass moments, but it’s the cliche moment of “you thought she wasn’t cool but she kind of is.” The romance between Claire and Owen you can buy because they went through a lot of really horrific things on this search and rescue of her two very useless nephews.

The two nephews really served no purpose here other than to show off the new Jurassic World theme park. You could have easily cut them from the movie and nothing would have changed. The older brother in particular is very unlikable. He treats his little brother like he doesn’t matter and hates being around him. The younger brother, who played a small role in Ironman 3 was very good in the movie, he just served no purpose other than getting us to the park, which we would have anyway. If the movie would have stayed with the dynamic between Owen and Claire and stopped going back to the kids I would have loved this movie. It just took the life out of the movie at times, you find yourself waiting for them to get back to the meat of the story.

At that point the script gets a bit convoluted but it wasn’t to bothersome. The visuals made up for what the script lacked. Colin Trevorrow did an awesome job behind the camera, hopefully more sequels come and we’re back in this awesome world for years to come.

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