“Joy” Review:

The Christmas weekend continues. This has the potential to be the best of the bunch. The David O’ Russell team of Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, and Bradley Cooper all collaborate again to tell the story of Joy. A woman who took her own creation and turned that into a rise to the figurehead of her family dynasty.

This team can do no wrong. David O’ Russell takes a story that could have been dull and boring, and directed it in such a way which riveted me.

Lawrence delivers again. She has become such a household name that it becomes hard to see her as the character she is playing. As Joy, she dives right in. You believe that this is a woman that came from nothing, and turned an idea into an empire, and that journey is an extraordinary one.

Cooper plays Neil Walker. Essentially he gives Joy her big break on QVC. In his limited role, he brings such a charisma and likability. Even when he has to call Joy, after a disastrous ad that got no calls, you believe that his position is the right one at that time.

De Niro plays Joy’s father, and he is just despicable. He has no faith in Joy. At one point he calls her “Just a housewife”. I felt Joy’s pain when her father looked down on her in this way, and that goes to how good De Niro was at being so cold.

You feel that Joy is a perseverant, determined, creative, and strong woman. She is all these things BEFORE being a good business woman. David O’ Russell brings this story to life, and potentially gave women everywhere a new role model. Jennifer Lawrence has a knack for bringing a role model to girls everywhere, with each new character she plays. She does tags again here.

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