“How to be Single”- Review

Let’s cut to the chase from jump street. The infamous anthology holiday film writing team wrote this. Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve and He’s Just Not That into You. Yuck. I went into the theater with pretty low expectations, but I love the cast. Dakota Johnson, Allison Brie, Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann. All talented and are funny ladies, can they save this sinking ship?

Yes. I had more fun at How to be Single than I should have. The cast is great. Johnson and Wilson play wonderfully off of each other and you feel like you’re just watching two friends having fun in NYC. Leslie Mann is Alice’s (Johnson) sister. So Meg, Alice and Robin (Wilson) are all pretty good friends. They have great chemistry.

The male leads are fine as well Jake Lacey, Nicholas Braun and Daymon Wayans Jr, all play guys that are struggling getting by in the single life. Not much there on that from but they are all fine in their roles.

The movie is paint by numbers, you have your typical story arcs, with some different raunchy humors from Wilson. Allison Brie plays the obsessive online dating junkie, not much there but her performance is fine. This movie is well acted by its leads so it helps the generic story. I had some laughs, it’s worth a watch.


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