“Hotel Transylvania 2”-Review:

Well in the not so horrible sequel category of Adam Sandler’s filmography we have Hotel Transylvania 2. The same cast and director is back for this one.

What is there to say about the original? It’s a cute animated film, better than average, but not by much. Pretty paint by numbers for sure, but it did have some heart and I enjoyed it. Will this one transcend the original?

Not really. That isn’t a knock on the film by any stretch. I just didn’t think it stood out anymore in my mind than the first. The voice acting is still good across the board. Sandler, Gomez, James, and Sandberg are just as good here than they are in the original.

Mavis (Gomez) and Johnny (Sandberg) have a baby and Drax (Sandler) wants the child to be a vampire but we don’t know right away if that is the case. There are some gags when all the monsters travel to put baby Dennis through the monster ringer, taking him to their old “stomping grounds of scares.” That was pretty cute.

As for negatives, like I said it’s pretty paint by numbers, but Sony put this movie out at a time where there really isn’t any animated film coming out until The Peanuts, in November. So this will have a good run. It’s definitely fun the kids can enjoy.

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