“Hot Pursuit”- Review:

A by the book cop is thrust into a less than favorable situation when taking in the wife of the leader of the Mexican cartel. On the run from crooked cops and gun wielding henchmen Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) and Daniella (Sofia Vergara) star in Hot Pursuit, which is directed by Anne Fletcher.

This movie is just horrendous. I’m not going to beat around the bush. It was a hard one to sit through. Reese Witherspoon is doing this really really bad Texas accent and is just phoning it in here. It’s a shame because I loved her in Wild and Walk the Line. She’s a helluva actress and it sucks that she was in this movie to begin with. Sofia Vergara is just doing her Modern Family stick the whole time, which works on a funny show with a good script and a good writing team, but not in a bland generic “comedy” like this. The directing is paint by numbers and you won’t be able to differentiate this film from any you’ve seen like this. So many movies that have the same plot do it so much better. There’s The Heat for example. Good laughs and is acted well. It’s like no one cared here.

While I laughed three or four times in a movie that was an hour and a half that felt like three hours, it wasn’t enough for me to give this movie any sort of recommendation. This is a sad case of wasted talent on a trash project. Sofia Vergara isn’t hard to look at so there’s that.

I did laugh more at this than I did in Paul Blart, take that for what it’s worth. I’d rather look at Vergara in a trashy movie than Kevin James. Shocker.

1/10 stubs.


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