“Hitman Agent 47”- Review:

Will this be the breakthrough video game to movie adaptation? Hitman stars Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware. Agent 47 helps a woman find her father and uncover the mystery of her ancestry.

Video game films don’t have the greatest track record. They aren’t just bad, they are abominations to say the least. I honestly liked the new Need for Speed, but I don’t really hold it to a high standard. It’s just a racing game, and it really was just called Need for Speed just for brand recognition. This does have some promise though. Rupert Friend and Zachary Quinto are solid actors, and could bring a movie like this to life on their performances alone. Let’s see if they can.

I’m a bit on the fence. This movie isn’t great, but it isn’t bottom of the barrel either. The shining spot of the film is the action. It was really spot on. Very gory, and stylized. The guys that directed the action in John Wick directed the action here. That Gung-fu style is a the forefront of the whole movie. I can’t over state how good the action was, that’s what made the movie at least fun to watch.

The performance of Rupert Friend as 47 was the standout acting here. He really brought that character to life and played him very well. Stoic, and stone cold is how Friend plays it and that’s how it should have been played. Hannah Ware plays the damsel in distress, but is far from that. She is bad ass in this movie. Shooting guns and taking out people left and right. She is up there with Rebecca Ferguson (MI5) for standout female action performances this year.

That’s where the praise ends for me. The movies story is very paint by numbers and convoluted. For only an hour and a half the movie moves at a slow pace and when there isn’t action happening you find yourself not caring.

There are two solid lead performances, with phenomenal action. Other than that there isn’t anything of note. I would like to see them continue this as a franchise. There is some promising material here. Let’s see how much it makes and hope it gets the green light.

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