“Hail Caesar!”- Review:

The Coen brothers are back, helming, directing, and producing Hail Caesar!. Talk about an all star cast, Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Channing Tatumn, and Jonah Hill just to name a few. With a cast and crew like this how can this movie not be superb?

Going into this film you’d think that the Coen’s direction would be the bright spot. Josh Brolin is the best part of this movie by a long shot. His performance as Eddie Mannix was phenomenal. Mannix is a Hollywood fixer for Capitol Pictures, solving problems that no one else wants to touch. Every time he comes on screen you know he means business.

Clooney is also great as Baird Whitlock, movie star playing the lead in Capitol Picture’s biggest film Hail Caesar. Whitlock is a fast talking movie star essentially. Clooney has some comedic moments throughout, his character is a good change of pace from Brolin’s more serious Mannix.

The supporting cast of Channing Tatumn and Alden Ehrenreich shine as well. They play big actors at Capitol Pictures. Both hit the comedic timing, and Tatumn has a massive song and dance number. Fantastic to say the least.

On its surface this film is what you see in the trailer, movie star gets abducted. In its story telling, and through the Coen’s direction it’s a love letter to 1950’s Hollywood. You get the in depth look, at the studio system, almost like Entourage.

All in all I had fun with Hail Caesar! The performances are phenomenal, and the Coen’s direction is great. This is worth a watch in the theater.


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