“Goosebumps”- Review:

Nostalgia. When this was announced I was thrilled. I’ve read all these books, and watched the TV series. Now years have past and R.L. Stine has allowed his monsters be brought to life in the big screen in this (near) Halloween release of Goosebumps. Jack Black is playing the famous author who must recapture his monsters into their books because new neighbor Zach has opened one of the old manuscripts.

This was just a fun time at the movies. I felt that nostalgia that I hoped I would feel while watching this movie. Jack Black and the other actors really do well here. The standout is obviously Black as R.L. Stine. He plays it a bit over the top, but all in all he made it worth while.

Some of the CGI is a bit lack luster. The werewolf and the abominable snowman definitely look like cartoons. The best looking of the monsters was actually the hand puppet Slappy. He was a fun villain.

This one isn’t to scary, but is scary enough that kids will get a kick out of it. They will be covering their eyes, and have some laughs as well. Goosebumps has the potential to be the next family friendly Halloween franchise.


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