“Fantastic Four”- Review:


Shall we try this again? The two Tim Story films were so awful that this one has to be good. Look at who was brought on. Josh Trank, director of sleeper hit Chronicle, starting Johnny Storm, Michael B. Jordan. Along with Jordan is Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Miles Teller, as Sue, Ben and Reed. So the cast is stellar, the director is great, Simon Kinberg is writing the script, this movie has to be a hit right?

Going into this movie i pushed out all of the rumors of Tranks on set behavior, and how he was bullied hard by fox to do things a certain way.

When it comes down to it, this is a solid film in my opinion. I had a great time with it. All the performances are great across the board, and they really brought these four hero’s to life. We start off with Ben and Reed in school, developing a device to transport them through multiple dimensions. You really get a good look into their friendship and their bond as the film goes on. They really do care for each other and that’s an underlying and is the glue to the story.

The origin story part of it was the best part of the movie. Watching Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Victor working to develop the device. Once they are sent into the next dimension and they are transformed that whole sequence was shot well, and you really felt the suspense in that moment.

There is a horror element as well. Horror in the fact that once they have their powers, you feel for them. You know life as they knew if before has completely changed. To the point that Reed sees Ben as the Thing and completely freaks and bails on them. It was a very natural reaction. Another natural thing was how they all came together because of Dr. Storm. Reed was selected to be apart of this, Sue was there already, and Johnny wants his car back so he works for his dad to get it back. So it all comes about naturally.

Then we do a year time jump. At this point the government wants to weaponize them. They all feel differently comparatively about it. That was a cool dynamic.

The glaring problem with the film is that it’s way to short. Short to the point where I felt that the movie was missing scenes that would’ve made this movie amazing as apposed to just solid.

The CGI was great, Doom considering he was only in it for about ten minutes, looked great and I enjoyed him. I hope you go out and see this movie, it’s getting killed by critics but you should see it. I loved it, had problems, but I really loved it. Here’s hoping the sequel gets made.


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