“Fantastic 4” -Trailer review:

In a weekend of new trailers being dropped and leaked we have a new full length Fantastic 4 trailer. We learn some new things about the plot and get some really cool new shots of our 4 favorite heroes. We get some more of Dr. Franklin Storm played by Reg E. Cathey ,which really surprised me but was a great sight to see never the less.

The film has been riddled with controversy and speculation, most of it negative. I was in with this movie from the beginning, I for one love this cast. We really have a fantastic group of four talented young actors who will portray these characters for years to come.

There are some cool visuals of the 4 of them feeling the affects of their powers after the accident. Also we see a close up shot of the thing here. He looks better CGI than practical from the horrid original two films. A shot of Dr. Doom is also shown which got me a little hype. I love doctor doom.

The other trailers we got this weekend were better than this one don’t get me wrong. This trailer however was needed for this film. People will see Star Wars and Batman V Superman regardless. Fans who were on the fence might give it a shot now.

I really enjoyed the individual shots of the powers being manifested. The rubber in Reeds forearm was a great effect. We see some of Johnny storm “Flamming On”. Also there is some great little coy flirting between reed and sue. The chemistry here is already 100 times better than the chemistry in the first two films. It looks like Mara and Teller will portray a believable couple.

The most surprising thing is the humor we got in this trailer. There are some really good comedic spots here. We thought this movie was going to be too dark but it looks like we will get more comedy out of it than we thought.

All things being equal, this trailer didn’t get me more excited than I was before I saw it which was pretty damn excited anyway so my excitement levels can’t get too much higher or else my expectation will be unreasonably high and won’t be met. Between this cast of great young actors and the talent of Josh Trank behind the camera we are in for a great summer blockbuster. Can’t wait for the movie!


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