“Entourage” – Review:

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Entourage is back baby! The famous actor Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier), and his best friend turned manager turned family man E (Kevin Connolly), his other life long pal from the mean streets of Staten Island Turtle, the driver and video game expert turned multi millionaire through getting his own tequila brand off the ground, and finally the lovable older brother of Vinny Johnny Drama, the famous TV actor looking to make it big again turned…… Well he’s still working on that. Ari is back, but not as an agent, as the head of a studio. He’s played brilliantly by Jeremy Piven and is as funny as ever. There’s a bunch of cameos but I’m sure you knew that, spoiler alert.

I’m a huge fan of the series, it was very funny and made LA and Hollywood their own character in a way. Seeing the lavish lifestyle of a few friends looking to make it big together while loving life is fun to watch. You just want to be along for the ride as a viewer as the for guys go after women, money and for Vinny, Hollywood superstardom. They finally got around to turning this into a film, let’s see if they capture the magic of the series here.

Talk about a fun time at the movies. This was just hilarity throughout. It’s filled with funny exchanges between all characters, everyone you love from the show is prominently featured and what you love about the show is what you’ll love about the film.

The story is simple. Vince is directing his first feature and needs more money to finish it, Ari needs to get him the money through co financiers played by Billy Bob Thorton and his son Hayley Joel Osmend. They add a serious flavor to the usual light tone that comes with Entourage.

The cameos are in full force, there’s a famous person left and right in this movie, whether that be an actor or an athlete, even some musicians pop up. The list goes on and on. I love the way Doug Ellin handled the cameos here, just like he did in the show.

The only problem I had with the movie was the storyline with E. It brings the movie to a screeching halt. Just like in the show, you don’t really care about the relationship with Sloan.

Turtle is trying to get with Ronda Rousey, that was the romance that I liked the most. Ronda was actually pretty good in the movie, usually she’s pretty wooden, like in Fast 7, but here she was very likable and came off natural in her banter with Turtle.

Johnny Drama is being his old loveable self. He still is trying to make it and you can’t fault him for that. Let’s just say he finally did. There’s a little Johhny Chase in all of us and the story is pretty much centered around him in a way which is a different take.

You don’t have to watch the show to be able to enjoy this movie. Doug Ellin does a good job of keeping the true fans of the series happy while bringing new ones on who will jump right in after viewing this. You’ll laugh and want to be along for the ride. You just hope it keeps going after it ends. There will be 96 episodes waiting for you. Have fun.

7/10 stubs

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