“Deadpool”- Review:

Talk about anticipation. The marketing for this film has been on point. How is anyone not looking forward to Deadpool now? The trailers have been funny, action packed and even had some DMX in them. Come on it’s DMX!

In all seriousness you can tell from the marketing alone that Ryan Reynolds was destined for this roll. The tell tale sign is that he’s having fun, when you see someone having that much fun it’s infectious. From the screen on outwards to the audience. If Deadpool goes over well in this film, then we will see him in some X-Men movies to come, and that even being a possibility is just a blast to think about.

There literally is nothing negative to say about Deadpool. Obvious stuff out of the way Ryan Reynolds is a god send. He was born to play this guy. He’s funnier than any comedy on his own. The positives you hear about Reynolds in this film are warranted. You could say this is the ONLY person to play Deadpool. The same way Downey IS Ironman. In my opinion that’s the highest praise you can give in the superhero film world.

The supporting cast is all superb. Morena Baccarin plays the love interest here and she crushes it. That’s a testament to the writers who wrote her with layers and motivations. They have tremendous chemistry.

Brianna Hildebrand plays the spunky Negasonic Teenage Warhead. She knocks it out of the park as well. Most of her scenes are with an all CGI Colossus and she plays so well off of him. They have a certain banter than is hilarious.

Ed Skrien deserves a lot of love for his portrayal of the villainous AJAX. He is the author of all of Deadpool’s pain essentially. He made the audience hate him. He’s redeemed him self from the Transporter.

There is nothing wrong with this movie. Not one shot is wasted, ever scene moves us along in the narrative. The action is shot brilliantly, and so gory. We still have that beautiful wit and just gut busting laughs as well. To top it off we have that beautiful love story. Director Tim Miller is a star here as well. Let’s give him some credit for tying all these themes up in one great movie. A perfect film.


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