“Daddy’s Home”- Review:

Christmas time is here, which means that a plethora of films are being released this weekend.

Ferrel and Wahlberg team up for “Daddy’s Home”. Right when Brad (Ferrel) begins to crack the code to earning the love of his stepchildren, Dusty (Wahlberg) decides to come back into the picture and try to win back his biological children and wife.

As you may have thought, this movie is pretty generic, not much going for it behind the camera worth mentioning. Pretty paint by numbers script and direction.

Does the comedy work though? I’d say yes, most of the time. Some of them don’t hit, and when they don’t, the jokes really miss the mark (pun intended) and its truly hard to sit through.

Ferrel and Wahlberg do have great chemistry. They were more fun in “The Other Guys” , but the material in that was superior to what they have here.

The movie takes me from one comedic moment to another in a rocky fashion, Wahlberg and Ferrel make this film watchable and bring some good laughs. There’s a cameo at the very end that just had me doubled over in laughter.

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