“Concussion”- Review:

“Tell the truth”. Will smith plays Dr. Bennet Omalu. Omalu brought the severity that concussions brought to the lives of NFL players during retirement. The results are astonishing.

Will Smith crushes this performance. He breaks your heart in this role. Thinking he was saving lives, bettering the human life, and the lives of families, was frowned soon by so many. You could tell that this ate him up inside. This man thought he was living the American Dream. Coming here from Africa, becoming a doctor with multiple degrees, and coming across insane damage to the brain.

This film makes the NFL look horrible. They covered up this fact for so long. Omalu threatened them so much, to the point that the league acknowledged it because they had to, and did nothing to right the situation, because simply they didn’t have to. The NFL is compared to big tobacco in this film, and I couldn’t find a better comparison.

This was such an interesting watch. I’m a huge Eagles fan. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t make me feel so dirty, and disgusted. It makes me sick that the league knew they were killing people and didn’t do anything.

Dr. Bennet Omalu saved lives, and continues to do so. If you’re a fan of the NFL like I am you will be riveted to the core watching this. If you aren’t, Smith’s performance alone is worth you checking out. I see an Oscar nom for him this year. Well deserved.


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