“Burnt”- Review:

Bradley Cooper is channeling his inner Gordon Ramsey in his latest film. What a great cast in place Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl, Alicia Vikander, and Emma Thompson. On top of that great cast is the Food Porn, which was exploited beautifully in last years Chef.

Cooper and Miller are teaming up after they lit up the screen in American Sniper. They had great chemistry and you really bought them as a couple. Will that same chemistry carry over into this film? Along with a great cast in place to bring this restaurant film to life.

This could’ve been better. I’m not saying it was a bad film by any stretch, it was just chichè and formulaic. Did I enjoy watching it however? Yes. Performances are great as to be expected. At first you really don’t like Adam Jones (Cooper) to much. He is a bit of a cross between Ari Gold and Gordon Ramsey.

Very rude, former addict, that didn’t care how he got you on his side as long as he did at the end of the day. Jones has gone back to England to earn his third Michelin Star, he recruits a team of chefs one of them being Helene (Miller) to head up a restaurant in a hotel run by Tony (Daniel Bruhl). Jones does have his Ramsey moments where he completely flips his lif which pretty much stays with him throughout the film, until he develops a relationship with Helene (surprise). Their chemistry here was great, almost as good as Sniper.

The food is shot beautifully by John Wells. You really feel hungry while watching, but it is that expensive, small portion type of food that the obscenely rich eat.

The script is what knocks this movie from good to average. They focus a lot on his addiction, to the point where it takes you out of the film, and you want to get back in the kitchen. There is a twist that comes a million miles away, and this movie does play out the way you think it will.

Some wasted talent as well, Alicia Vikander was in two pointless scenes,
Lily James was in one scene and it was even less important than Vikanders. Emma Thompson plays a therapist that Jones visits every week and it’s good to see her when she pops in and out .

Burnt is worth a watch. The performances and the Food Porn make this fun to watch, it’s paced well and I enjoyed watching it. A cliche story hamper this films potential greatness, and maybe Coopers shot at a fourth chance Oscar nom.


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