“Black Mass”- Review:

Johnny Depp is a bit of anomaly when it comes to the roles he has been choosing. Let me recap that for you, as an example you can look at this years Motedcai. A really bad film, and Johnny Depp played another out there, corky, over the top character. In a nutshell that’s what’s been going on with his career. Since Captain Jack, he’s been doing nothing but roles that he gets to throw on some make up and just play an out there guy. Black Mass is far from anything Depp had ever done.

Black Mass isn’t just a Johnny Depp Oscar vehicle as some have said. It’s a great, crime, mobster film that spans 20 years in two hours. Along with Depp are Joel Edgerton and Benedict Cumberbatch. Edgerton playing John Connoley, Whitey’s (Depp) long time friend and FBI agent. Cumberbatch plays Whiteys younger brother, the senator of Massachusetts. Whitey strikes a deal with Connely to become an informant which eventually leads to questions arising in the FBI.

Scott Copper does great work behind the camera, every scene had me wanting more of the story to be unveiled and unraveled. Depp really brings Whitey Bulger to life and just drowns himself in his role here. You don’t see Depp you see Bulger. All the performances are great, Copper gets great work from all his actors. I really have nothing negative to say in that regard.

My problem lies with the pacing. This movie feels like it’s four hours but is only two. At the same time, it tries to cover 20 years in that small amount of time. It is a bit of a give and take. I would’ve liked to see a little more time to let this story play out, but for that to happen the pacing needed to be quicker. It’s a tall task, covering that large amount of time in such a small window. Cooper did what he could.

I was glued to Depp from the moment he came on screen. The dialogue was fluent and you hung on ever line. I won’t be surprised in the least of Depp, Edgerton,
And Cumberbatch get some awards recognition for this film. Black Mass is one of the years best.


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