Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer Review.

I was very hesitant to watch this trailer at first for a couple of reasons. 1. It was leaked 2. Since it was leaked we knew the quality would be sub par at best, and 3. This isn’t the way Zack Snyder wanted us to see it. That being said of course I watched it! And I loved it. Once WB did what Marvel usually does and drops the HD version of the leaked trashy cell phone quality we got before. I had to have watched it five times on a loop. I want to break down a couple key and memorable moments from the trailer.

1. The voice over of Jeremy Irons.
You knew instantly who was speaking once their voice cut in. Jeremy Irons who plays Alfred is taking about what makes good men cruel and then we get our first shot of Bruce Wayne. We assume he must be talking about how cruel Batman has become due to this being a batman who has been put through the ringer. What a way to set the stage for this dark and gritty world and new cinematic universe

2. Jesse Eisenberg’s voice over.
“The devil doesn’t come from hell beneath us , he comes from the sky.” Then we say Superman floating in the clouds. A tremendous shot. There were some awesome lines in this trailer.

3. Batman!!!!!
When we see Batman in his full get up it is insanely bad ass. Ben Afleck put on some muscle for this role as we know but holy cow he looks massive. We get some shots of the Batmobile and possibly the bat plane?! Also his voice, it sounded a bit electronically altered like how Arrow has his set up, but still, insanely cool.

4. Superman & the tie ins to Jesus
It seems like Zack Snyder is giving us a Superman in which there is much conflict going on in his mind and the mind of the people. What’s his purpose? Why is he here? We see a massive statue that says over the emblem “False God”. I like the that theme. We should feel superman a bit conflicted. This will bring more intrigue to the film, makes an alien from space a bit more human.

5. “Do you bleed? You Will”
Need I say more? We’re in for a great couple hours of cinema in 2016. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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