“Ant-Man”- Review:


The newest installment in the MCU comes to us in a not so big way. Ant-Man stars the very funny Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, a thief who encounters Dr. Hank Pim (Michael Douglas) who takes Scott under his wing after a life of crime to become something bigger than the both of them. Pun intended.

There was a lot of negative press coming out about this movie. Edgar Wright was going to direct this for the longest time and he left the project due to creative differences with Marvel. Anytime a director leaves a project, after being attached to it for so long is always raises a red flag. Granted, Wright was attached long before this grander scheme Marvel put into place when the first Ironman film came out, but still called into question, what’s wrong? The cast is good, co-starring here is Corey Stoll as the villain Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket and Evangeline Lilly as Hope, Dr. Pim’s daughter. Solid actors across the board, and Peyton Reed took over the project in Wright’s place. Marvel has a proven track record. Will this movie be the “Guardians of the Galaxy” of 2015? Or is the property just to obscure to the general public?

Marvel has hit another one out of the park. This movie had me hooked from the beginning when we opened with a young Hank Pim. The CGI that they used to age down Michael Douglas was incredible. It left me speechless. It looked real, like insanely real. Peyton Reed must have known he was going to be doing this movie and went back in time to shoot Michael Douglas. I was in aw. Speaking of Michael Douglas, I believe he is the heart and soul of this film, it doesn’t work without his portrayal of Hank Pim. He brings a certain legitimacy to a film that may have needed it going in. His performance is stellar here. Pim really starts to look at Scott as the son he never had and that relationship was great to watch develop. Along with the relationship with his daughter. Paul Rudd also kills it as Ant-Man. He took the role very seriously and got cut and hit the gym hard. Paul Rudd brings that same charm and wit he usually brings, but he really brings it in the dramatic category. The scenes he shares with his young daughter puts an emotional stamp on the movie as well. His life of crime is touched on and helps you get behind this guy. Rudd brings that likability that not many actors give film in and film out. You just root for him.

The action in the movie is great. When Ant-Man shrinks it’s a sight to behold. That technology is just off the charts. I can’t believe we’re in a world where we can believe that’s possible and we can buy it.

Cory Stoll is good as Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket. However he suffers from the same fate that most Marvel villains do, that they really are forgotten as the film goes on. He popped up here and there, and at the end he’s prominent but prior he’s in and out. I liked his performance but I wanted more.

Ant-Man is an action packed superhero origin film that brought us one of the most fun and laugh out loud MCU films we’ve had to date. It’s a great time, you’ll love it.



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