“American Ultra”- Review:

Jesse Eisneberg and Kristen Stewart are together again in American Ultra. Mike Howell (Eisenberg) is a stoner/secret agent who is targeted as a liability by the CIA, who wants him TERMINATED! Just kidding but it’s something along those lines.

Max Landis penned this script and he is really out there so I am looking forward to what he does here. I’ve liked the trailers so I hope I’m not let down. We know how that goes. The cast is pretty solid. Eisenberg is a star, we know we will get a great performance out of him. Stewart however is an X factor. Since Twilight there’s been a bit of a stench that is hard for her to shake. Post Twilight she’s been solid, in films like Cloud of Sils Maria and Still Alicie. She can act. Can these two live up to their potentiali in this? Let’s see.

This was a lot of fun. From the opening scene that is shot brilliantly by Nima Nourizadeh. Rewinding from the end of the film to the beginning. The action was directed beautifully. Bloody and violent with unique gun play. For the most part the comedy aspect hits with Eisenberg and Stewart, Topher Grace was way to over the top and I didn’t like him at all. His bits didn’t hit.

Like I said before Stewart and Eisenberg play a great couple. Their chemistry is spot on. I’m not to surprised at how well they handled all the action bits considering Adventureland was some action as well and they stared in that together.

Max Landis and the director knocked this out of the park. There was a certain sleekness and gritty tone at the same time. It had a “Kick-Ass” sort of vibe that I really enjoyed.

Nothing really to negative to report here. I like the action and the comedy, the performances were solid, and the work done behind the camera and on the page were superb. Let’s hope they move along with a sequel soon. Eisneberg might be tied up playing that Lex Luthor guy, who knows when he’ll be free again.


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