“Aloha” – Review:

Aloha stars Bradley Cooper as Brian Gilcrist who comes back to Hawaii where he accomplished his best work as a military contractor. Gilcrist stumbles across the one who got away Tracy Woodside, an old flame played by Rachel McAdams. Emma Stone plays Allison Ng, who is a fighter pilot being trained by Gilcrist, let the love triangle begin.

This was one of my most anticipated films of the year. Say what you will about the director Cameron Crowe but I’m a fan of most of his films from Jerry Magurie to We Bought a Zoo. His films are all visually beautiful with Vanilla Sky being the most breathtaking. With a cast of great actors like this, Crowe has to have another hit on his hands right?

This could have been should have been a lot better. This was one of my most anticipated this year and it didn’t live up to the hype. I didn’t hate watching this movie, the performances across the board are great, it’s just the writing was just not there.

There was nothing natural about the relationship between Brian and Allison, it all came about unnaturally and a bit contrived even. Emma Stone is a bit unbearable in the beginning, like she knows she’s acting in a movie and that’s never good. She does level out but at the beginning she was just to much. You don’t really get the sense of why these two people like each other. I rather have seen a movie between McAdams and Cooper. The chemistry between them was there and it’s a shame that the whole movie wasn’t just them.

Some of the things that happen in the story just don’t make sense. Why is Allison a fighter pilot I’d she doesn’t like weapons in the sky? She literally is a weapon in the sky so why even have her character say that? It just doesn’t even matter if she believed that or not.

The performances are solid and Crowe’s direction is great, he just didn’t write an interesting story here. It should’ve been a movie to look out for Oscar time, now all I can say is look out for it on home video if you’re interested.


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