“Age of Adaline”-Review:

The Age of Adaline Stars Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman and Harisson Ford. It’s directed by Lee Toland Krieger. Adaline was in a serious car wreck in 1908 that changed her life forever. She became an ageless wonder.

Blake Lively is back! She kills it in this movie. This is her best performance in years and she does great in this role. You really believe she has an old soul. That was really the key. If you didn’t believe her in the role of Adaline then the movie wouldn’t have worked. You can see the hurt in her eyes knowing she can’t have real relationships with people for long periods of time. She only has her dog, daughter and a blind friend who plays the piano.

There is some key exposition given by the narrator that gives us a look into how Adaline has dealt with what has happened to her. We get this narrator at the beginning and end of the film. His smooth voice helps bookend this romantic fantasy.

When Michiel Huisman enters the film, Adaline begins to fall for him reluctantly. Not being able to age has put her in a position to keep to herself. Ellis (Huisman) changes that for her. This love story is told gracefully and takes us through their quick banter and natural exchanges.

The acting across the board is solid. Harrison Ford is great in the film as William and you can see the conflict he faces when he sees Adaline now. It pains him. The scenes with William and Adaline are the ones that steal the show.

The director Lee Toland Krieger shoots this film with grace. We go from hundreds of years back to present day with such a flow that it doesn’t take you out of the movie. You’re sucked in the world he creates. Amerced in his images. He did a solid job. The way we go back into the past to catch up on the story to learn more about Adaline is done well. It is a device that helps move the story along.

I just wish we got a different film than the one we ended up with. Don’t get me wrong, as a love story and a film about troubled characters with layers, this movie works. I really wanted to see more of Adaline in the past. Some time of her in her late twenties back in the 30’s and 40’s etc. Instead we got a solid love story, that uses the ageless part of Adaline to just tell us a love story. The story in third act becomes a little more convenient and a tad contrived that really took away from the originality of the first two thirds. This movie could’ve been so much more but still solid nonetheless. Worth a watch. Maybe on date night?


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