“13 Hours”- Review:

Everyone’s favorite director Michael Bay, is back. Not for another Transformers, but a true story about the soldiers of Benghazi and their fight to stay alive. John Krasinski stars in what is sure to be a movie filled to the brim with explosions and visual noise. True stories haven’t been kind to Bay, with Pain and Gain and Pearl Harbor being slammed by critics at every turn. They did bring in a good turn out at the box office. Those movies did have pretty big stars in them, Ben Afleck and Mark Wahlberg respectively. Can Bay’s name alone draw people to the theater?

This may be a stretch, but this may have been Bay’s most sincere, heavy, and heartfelt film ever. All the characters are pretty much the same, all have families back home, all love their country. All had huge hearts. Bay got great performances from all his actors, with Krasinski as the standout.

You felt the weight of this situation. Every second was precious. Backs against the wall, these six soldiers only have each other and you feel that brotherhood.

Bay does what he does best, the explosions and action scenes look stunning. This time there is some heft, there are stakes. Usually it’s all visual noise, this time you feel like you are there, amerced into that world. It’s exhausting, like you yourself are in battle.

This was a great film. Bay did a tremendous job making you care about the characters, and shooting some great action.


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